• Akademia Best Jazz Album 2018

    Happy Fire – New Kind Of Jazz Won Akademia Best Jazz Album

    ”Happy Fire – New Kind Of Jazz’ is one of those albums you wish would never end; Hiro Honshuku’s Racha Fora more than lives up to his growing reputation, and these elegant world-beat-infused jazz strains are on par with the best of the genre.’… Read More

  • JazzWeekly Happy Fire CD Review

    Happy Fire, JazzWeekly CD Review

    Leader Hiraoaki Hinshuku plays flute, piccolo and EWI while leading a band that subtitles the album a “New Kind of Jazz.” Strong words, but the feel is fresh here with the rest of the team… Read More

  • All About Jazz Happy Fire Review

    Happy Fire, All About Jazz CD Review

    It’s a brave choice to go this route, and we can credit Honshuku’s intrepid spirit in doing so.… Read More

  • Happy Fire City News Review

    Happy Fire City News CD Review

    But it’s a safe bet you’ve never heard them played the way Hiro Honshuku’s Racha Fora plays them. Honshuku is a wonderfully wild Japanese flute master and his latest band engages in a highly unusual form of jazz fusion. … Read More

  • Happy Fire Review on Jazz & Blues Report

    “Happy Fire” review on Jazz & Blues Report

    The subtitle of Happy Fire reads “new kind of jazz” and flautist Hiro Honshuku’s quartet is certainly a jazz group at its core. But the lineup of flute or EWI, violin, electric guitar and cajon- makes for striking new sonic palettes with which to take on standards including “All The Things You Are”, “Someday My Prince Will Come” and “Summertime”, among others.… Read More

  • Happy Fire Review and Interview by Debbie Burke

    Just released March 2, the CD “Happy Fire” with composer/arranger/flutist and EWI player Hiro Honshuku is an ear-full of assertive, flavorful jazz with outstanding instrumentation.… Read More

  • Happy Fire Review on Midwest Record

    Still showing his love for Miles, still showing his love for finding creativity where you’d least expect it and still going for broke on multi faceted mash ups, Honshuku’s third outing with this ensemble gives you the jolt… Read More

  • Happy Fire Review on Intoxicate Magazine

    The continuously driving cajon and percussion produces varieties of Brazilian rhythms. When the guitar that reminds Miles’ Agharta era faces the Honshuku’s and Ikeda’s front line, a surreal sound image is produced and gives a totally new sound to the familiar standard songs.… Read More

  • JazzTokyo Review: Racha Fora Japan Tour 2016

    11/2/2015 Whisper, Sangenjaya, Tokyo text & photos: Kenny Inaoka Hiro Honshuku: flute/EWI Andre Vasconcelos: guitar Keijiro Nagaoka: cajon + Rika Ikeda: violin Special Guest: Kepel Kimura (percussion)

  • Racha S’Miles Review on World Music Report

    Racha S’Miles is a record so utterly fresh and viscerally exciting that it would not be shocking to find yourself holding your breath as the music whips past like a movable carnival. … Read More

  • Racha S’Miles Review on SUONO Magazine (Italy)

    Published Date: Saturday, February 27, 2016 SUONO Home Page

  • Racha S”Miles Review on Smooth Jazz Daily

    Published Date: Sunday, February 7, 2016 Go to source: Racha Fora – Racha S’Miles: Racha Fora Tribute to Miles Racha Fora is a merging of culture, Japanese improvisation with Brazilian rhythms. Those cultures dig into the database with Racha S’Miles: Racha Fora Tribute to Miles (2015), a celebration of the music of Miles Davis.

  • ***RINGER OF THE WEEK**** BRAZILIAN MILES… Racha Fora: Racha S’Miles

    Published Date: Thursday, January 14, 2016 Go to source: by George W. Harris • January 14, 2016 Racha Fora is the name of a quartet lead by Hiroaki Honshuku/fl-ewi, forming a core team with Mauricio Andrade/g, Rika Ikeda/v and Rafael Russi/b and along with guests Benhur Oliveira/perc and Dave Liebman/ss the whole band delivers a …

  • Jazz Tokyo Concert Pick 2015

    Published Date: Sunday, January 3, 2016 Go to source: This Live / This Concert 2015 Racha Fora, CD Release Japan Tour 2015 9/13/2015, The Prince Park Tower Tokyo “Melody Line” Text by Kenny Inaoka

  • Racha S’Miles Selected Jazz Perspective Magazine Top 10

    Published Date: Friday, December 11, 2015 Rahca S’Miles was selected for Best 10 by Hiroko Otsuka, Jazz Perspective Magazine Miles Davis repertoires have been done by so many in the past. This one is a different approach took by an uprising band, consists with Japanese front section and Brazilian rhythm section. We have heard pop …

  • All About Jazz CD 4 Star Review on Racha S’Miles

    Published Date: Monday, November 16, 2015 Racha Fora: Racha S’Miles (2015) By JAMES NADAL, Published: November 16, 2015 The music of Miles Davis certainly needs no introduction. It has been covered in a myriad of styles, by a vast quantity of artists.Racha S’Miles is an ambitious project that deconstructs Davis’s music and hurls it …

  • Racha S’Miles CD Review on Bebop Spoken Here

    Published Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015 Hiroaki Honshuku (flutes/piccolo/ewi); Rika Ikeda (violin); Mauricio Andrade (guitar); Rafael Russi (bass); Benhur Oliviera (pandeiro) + (on 3 tracks) Dave Liebman (sop sax). (Review by Lance).

  • Racha S’Miles Review on Midwest Record

    Published Date: Monday, October 12, 2015 Midwest Record JAZZ TOKYO RACHA FORA/Racha S’miles: Music is the universal language? Jazz is the universal language? How about Miles is the universal language? A few years ago we had an Indian Miles Davis cross pollination that was pretty special. How about this time around we have a Brazilian …

  • Racha S’Miles Review on DownBeat Magazine

    Published Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 Racha Fora Racha S’Miles: Racha Fora’s Tribute To Miles JAZZ TOKYO 1001 Racha Fora is an intriguing fusion jazz quartet made up of two Japanese and two Brazilian musicians. They met in Boston and started playing together as a band in 2010. Flutist and EWI player Hiroaki Honshuku leads …

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