Racha S’Miles

U.S.A./Japan simultaneous release 10/8/15

Genre: Jazz/Brazilian/Word
Jazz Improvisation Over Native Brazilian Rhythms, – A Grooving Hybrid Music From Boston, MA

Racha Fora, a quintet consisting of a Brazilian rhythm section (guitar, bass and pandeiro) and two Japanese musicians on the front line (flute and violin) is proud to release “Racha Fora’s Tribute To Miles”. To accompany the theme, Dave Liebman who was one of the key personnels to Miles’ music, is featured as a special guest.
“Racha S‘Miles” was recorded in July 2015 as 96k/24-bit in Boston, MA and Pennsylvania with mixing and mastering completed in NYC. This album will be favored by jazz, Brazilian, world music fans as well as high end audio fans.
Racha Fora was formed in 2010 originally as a quartet by two Japanese and two Brazilians in Boston. In Hiro’s own words: “My goal is to create a new jazz sound using native Brazilian rhythms.  This is different from Brazilian Jazz because Brazilian jazz used to be an extension of Bossa, which was started as jazz by Brazilians, and its extension is fusion music played by Brazilians nowadays… I think the most important thing in the message is this is not Brazilian Jazz but it’s rather jazz with native Brazilian grooves, and in order to achieve that differences these band members are the key.”
Racha Fora issued its debut album in 2012 which was focused on Honshuku’s compositions, and embarked on a tour of Japan, which became an annual affair. Honshuku also holds Master’s Degree from New England Conservatory, where he began assisting legendary band leader, composer, and theorist George Russell.  Honshuku is known as one of a few composers who practice Russell’s Lydian Chromatic Concept.

Racha Fora
“Racha S’Miles: Tribute To Miles”
50’s and 60’s Miles Davis repertoires is reborn as 21st century sound featuring NEA jazz master Dave Liebman. Honshuku expresses his love of Miles with eight Miles Davis compositions and four original tunes.
Jazz fan’s favorite Miles’ repertories showcases an inviting charm due to Honshuku’s skillful arrangements and Brazilian grooves. Honshuku’s original compositions are well blended with Miles’ repertoire and influenced by his studies with George Russell.

Label: Jazz Tokyo (JT1001)
Release Date: 10/8/2015
Title: Racha S’Miles
Artist: Racha Fora
Type: CD/Digipack
Liner Notes: Kenny Inaoka
Genre: Jazz
Sub Genre: Brazilian/World

  1. Milestones (Miles Davis)
  2. E.S.P. (Wayne Shorter)
  3. Blue In Green (Miles Davis)
  4. Feather Roux (Hiroaki Honshuku)
  5. Chicken Don (Hiroaki Honshuku)
  6. Door 8 (Hiroaki Honshuku)
  7. Solar (Miles Davis)
  8. All Blues (Miles Davis)
  9. Circle (Miles Davis)
  10. Seven Steps To Heaven (Miles Davis)
  11. Wood Row (Hiroaki Honshuku)
  12. Footprints (Wayne Shorter)

Hiroaki Honshuku – flute/EWI
Rika Ikeda – violin
Mauricio Andrade – nylon guitar
Rafael Russi – electric bass
Benhur Oliveira – pandeiro
Special Guest
Dave Liebman – soprano sax

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