Happy Fire, JazzWeekly CD Review

April 12, 2018

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Leader Hiraoaki Hinshuku plays flute, piccolo and EWI while leading a band that subtitles the album a “New Kind of Jazz.” Strong words, but the feel is fresh here with the rest of the team, Rika Ikeda/v, Andre Vasconcelos/g and Sebastian Chiroboga-Harvey Wirht/cajon creating exciting new sounds and colors to jazz standards. The unison melding of flute and violin works gorgeously on the light and flowing take of “Nardis” with Vasconcelo’s extra dark chocolate guitar creating a perfect foil as he picks through the fluff on “All the Things You Are” and “Summertime.” Drums and guitar jab like middleweights on a bopping “Blues in the Closet” and some chunky guitar riffs mix with lovely melodious studies on “Nem Um Talvez.” Vasconcelos has his guitar create a hip bass line of sorts on a peppy “Happy Fire” while the guitar and cajon snaps everyone to attention on a grooving “A Foggy Day.” A definite fresh coat of paint on old masters.