Racha S’Miles

Racha S'Miles CD Front Cover

Racha Fora, a quintet consisting of a Brazilian rhythm section (guitar, bass and pandeiro) and two Japanese musicians on the front line (flute and violin) is proud to release “Racha Fora’s Tribute To Miles”. To accompany the theme, Dave Liebman who was one of the key personnels to Miles’ music, is featured as a special guest.
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Racha Fora

Racha Fora “Let’s go!” is one of the many possible translations of Racha Fora (pronounced “hasha fora”), but the one most apropos to this ensemble might be “branch line”—in this case running from Brazil to Japan, a link older and deeper than you might imagine. Racha Fora’s sound is, appropriately, at once delicate and propulsive, …

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